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The Ultimate Guide to Custom Homes in North Georgia

Building a custom home is a dream for many, and North Georgia offers an idyllic setting to make that dream a reality. With its charming landscapes, affordable living, and a wealth of experienced builders, the region is a haven for those looking to create their own slice of paradise. In this ultimate guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of building a custom home in North Georgia, highlighting the advantages of living in this fascinating part of the country. Step 1: Determine Your Budget The first step in any custom home-building journey is setting a budget. North Georgia offers a range of options that can fit various budgets, from modest homes to luxurious estates. It’s crucial to know how much you’re willing to spend, as this will guide your choices throughout the process. Step 2: Choose Your Builder The builder you choose will be your partner in turning your dream into reality. North Georgia is home to a plethora of experienced builders who can cater to different styles and budgets. Take your time to research, check reviews, and perhaps visit some of their completed projects. Step 3: Secure Financing Unless you’re paying in cash, you’ll need to secure financing

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Metal Roof vs Asphalt Roof: Right Choice for Your Home

When it comes to building or renovating your dream home, selecting the right roofing material is essential. Two of the most popular choices among homeowners are metal roofing and asphalt shingles. In this article, we’ll delve into the key differences between these two options, providing you with insights to make an informed decision for your home. Durability and Longevity Metal Roof: Known for its exceptional durability, metal roofing can withstand harsh weather conditions like heavy snow, hail, and strong winds. Most metal roofs come with warranties ranging from 30 to 50 years, and with regular maintenance, some can last even longer. Asphalt Roof: While asphalt shingles are durable, they generally have a shorter lifespan compared to metal, lasting around 20-25 years. However, high-quality options can reach up to 30 years. Maintenance Metal Roof: Boasting low maintenance requirements, metal roofs resist mold, mildew, and rot. Regular inspections and occasional cleaning are usually enough to maintain their condition. Asphalt Roof: In contrast, asphalt roofs might require more maintenance, especially in areas with heavy rainfall or temperature fluctuations. Over time, shingles can crack, curl, or become dislodged, leading to potential repairs or replacements. Energy Efficiency Metal Roof: Metal roofs are renowned for their

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True Ridge’s Interior Design Guide for Fall 2023

As the leaves change colors, and the air becomes cooler, it is the perfect time to update your home décor. With the changing season, you can make your home look more cozy and inviting, and what better way to do that than with some interior design changes? However, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Well, not to worry, we have got you covered with our interior design guide for fall in 2023. Keep reading to discover some tips and tricks on how to make your home a cozy retreat this fall. Warm, Cozy, and Comfy Nothing screams fall like warm and cozy decor, which comes in handy since the temperatures start to drop. Think about updating your couches and chairs with plaid throws, comfy pillows, and soft blankets. Don’t forget about the lovely fireplace! There is nothing more inviting than a roaring fire when the weather outside is chilly. Add some candles, and you’ll feel cozy, and your home will smell amazing. Timeless Trends Some fall trends are the embodiment of the season, and they never go out of style. For example, the earthy color palettes of autumn never lose their charm, leaving your home feeling tranquil

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overhead photo of lake lanier in Gainesville, Georgia

Lake & River Living Near Ellijay, GA

Why live in North Georgia? Let’s count the reasons. North Georgia is filled with spectacular natural beauty and offers a great place to live. Whether you’re a young couple looking to expand the family & get some extra space or a retiree wanting to find their home away from home—North Georgia provides a cheaper cost of living and a quieter way of life. We love it, and so should you! Here are some highlights of our favorite things about the area and reasons why you should consider moving there:

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Habersham wine expert pouring wine for North Georgia patron.

Sip, Savor & Enjoy: North Georgia’s Top Wineries

Are you a wine lover? Do you enjoy the taste and aroma of wine? If you answered yes, then you have to experience North Georgia’s wine country! The best North Georgia vineyards offer unique flavors and exceptional wines that are guaranteed to make you want more. And as a bonus, the best North Georgia wineries are surrounded by the most beautiful scenery, making the experience even more memorable. What makes North Georgia Wineries so special? Whether you’re looking to relax or have a fun-filled day, the best North Georgia wineries have something for everyone. Scenery, weather, and diversity make the North Georgia Mountains and its wine grapes some of the best in the country. Wolf Mountain Vineyards Wolf Mountain Vineyards is the perfect place for wine aficionados, blue sky seekers, and anyone who loves great views. Not only do tourists have a private theater overlooking the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, but also wine tastings with a selection of award-winning, amazing wines. Let Wolf Mountain Vineyards capture your heart! Take part in educational and fun wine tours, where you can conveniently familiarize yourself with the beverage-making process. Get the experience yourself; try each blend, hear some interesting stories, and snap some

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North Georgia landscape

Top 10 Things to Know Before Moving to North Georgia

Are you planning to move out of downtown Atlanta or another city center? Are you excited to live near stunning views, friendly communities, and a peaceful environment? As much as you can’t wait to build your dream home, there are a few considerations (and many benefits) that you need to keep in mind. We have put together a list of the top 10 things you need to know before moving to North Georgia and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Climate in the North Georgia Mountains Look to Northeast Georgia? The northern part of the state has got a mild climate, but you won’t exactly be hiding away from the heat in the summer—it might get pretty toasty! However, don’t be surprised if you find winters chillier than expected. With an elevation close to 2000ft elevation, so snow happens quite often. Regardless, the mix of weather makes the region one of the best places to live (or build custom homes) in the entire country. Get out of downtown Atlanta with a lower cost of living Considering buying a dream home in North Georgia, but feeling a bit overwhelmed at the cost? Don’t despair! North Georgia may cost more than living in other

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Alpharetta city center on a Georgia summer day

The Best Areas to Raise a Family in North Georgia | Best North GA Towns

If you are planning to move to the North Georgia mountains, want to be slightly out of the city, and find the best areas to raise a family, then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will be exploring the best North Georgia towns. Alpharetta Alpharetta is a thriving city with a diverse range of excellent schools, entertainment options, and a low unemployment rate. In addition to the alluring natural surroundings, Alpharetta is known for its vibrant economy and great opportunities for business owners. Alpharetta is a city with a stable real estate market, and housing costs are quite affordable. Education When it comes to education, Alpharetta is an excellent choice for parents looking to raise their children in an intellectually stimulating environment. The city boasts some of the best schools in the state, with highly qualified teachers and a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for college and beyond. The Fulton County School District, which is responsible for the schools in Alpharetta, has consistently ranked high in the state, and the graduation rate is an impressive 93.6%. Community Activities Alpharetta’s friendly community is also a huge draw for families. The city hosts a wide range

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