Top 10 Things to Know Before Moving to North Georgia

North Georgia landscape

Are you planning to move out of downtown Atlanta or another city center? Are you excited to live near stunning views, friendly communities, and a peaceful environment? As much as you can’t wait to build your dream home, there are a few considerations (and many benefits) that you need to keep in mind. We have put together a list of the top 10 things you need to know before moving to North Georgia and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Climate in the North Georgia Mountains

Look to Northeast Georgia? The northern part of the state has got a mild climate, but you won’t exactly be hiding away from the heat in the summer—it might get pretty toasty!

However, don’t be surprised if you find winters chillier than expected. With an elevation close to 2000ft elevation, so snow happens quite often.

Regardless, the mix of weather makes the region one of the best places to live (or build custom homes) in the entire country.

View on Lake Chatuge from Bell mountain. Hiawasse, Georgia, USA. On Bell mountain the rock are covered with spray paint.

Get out of downtown Atlanta with a lower cost of living

Considering buying a dream home in North Georgia, but feeling a bit overwhelmed at the cost? Don’t despair! North Georgia may cost more than living in other rural areas, but a family living on the median household income will still find the small-town experience affordable. Get out of downtown Atlanta now!

Traditional Farmhouse on North Georgia land

To avoid any sticky financial situations, use an online cost-of-living calculator to predict the chain reaction of expenses so you stay on top of your budget. With proper planning, North Georgia might be that ideal combination of city convenience at a lower price tag—perfect for getting the most value out of your dream home.

Job market

There are numerous job opportunities in North Georgia. Landing the perfect position in the North Georgia job market may require a bit of effort and honed exploration skills. Get to researching the best cities for your job market!

With a bit of time and some networking resources, securing a great job before you’ve even arrived is highly probable. Take it from us—with careful preparation and dedication to your goals and dreams, building your ideal life in North Georgia just might be within reach!

Retired couple living in Blue Ridge mountains looking on iPad

Real estate market

Are you looking for a great investment opportunity? The real estate market in Georgia is steadily growing and buying a home in the area could prove to be incredibly valuable in the long run and offer some of the best cities to increase your ROI.

Hiring the best real estate agent

If this opportunity interests you, why not consider hiring an experienced real estate agent? Not only will they know exactly what’s on the market, but they may also be able to snag you the best deals. Get ready to reallocate your coffer’s contents: houses in North Georgia can potentially bring huge rewards over time!

Education options

North Georgia is blessed with tremendous educational opportunities for children! Whether you’re looking for charter, private, or public schools, there’s certainly no lost cause in finding the perfect one. The public schools in the area have top-notch STEM programs and heaps of extracurricular activities so that kids have the chance to thrive outside of the classroom too!


When embarking on a move to downtown Blue Ridge or another charming town, most people perform extensive research regarding the availability of medical care. Of course, there are hospitals and medical facilities in the vicinity; however, those with chronic and complex conditions may make this region not one of the best places to live. Therefore, it’s smart to mull over healthcare options in advance, especially if support beyond the basics is necessary.

Emory Hospital in North Georgia

Outdoor adventures are what make the Blue Ridge Mountains the best place to live in Georgia

From the luxuriant outdoors to uncountable outdoor activities, the close proximity to the North Georgia Mountains makes it one of the best places to live for nature lovers. Among the many popular attractions, people increasingly flock to North Georgia for its amazing hiking trails, rich history, golf course selection, and more!

The natural beauty of the great outdoors

Easy access to hiking, fly fishing, horseback riding, and visits to the Chattahoochee National Forest, Vogel State Park, Lake Lanier, or the Chattahoochee River is something that gives residents of a tiny town an edge on the big city. With immense biodiversity and mild winter weather, it’s no wonder why northern Georgia sees a pronounced population increase each year!

Culture & Entertainment

Despite being chalked full of small towns, the northeast and northwest corner of the Peach State offers excellent entertainment options for young families. There are festivals, music events, museums, and art galleries dotted all around the area.

Habersham wine expert pouring wine for North Georgia patron.


Some popular attractions are the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, Amicalola Falls State Park, Lake Lanier, Bell Mountain, Lake Chatuge, and the Toccoa River.

View of Lake Chatuge in North Georgia. Build a Custom Home in North Georgia and get this beautiful view!


Good food is a necessity for the Georgia average homebuyer. Along with the small-town charm that most of the region brings, the access to incredible restaurants rival even downtown Atlanta and make this one of the best places to live in the Peach State.


Civil war or history buffs will find a rich history scattered around the area. With many historic places on the national register, you’ll be able to explore the history of the state within just a few minutes from you.


If any young professionals are planning to work within metro Atlanta, commuting may take longer than anticipated. Make sure to take into account the time spent commuting every day before purchasing your dream home.

Cavender Creek Winery outdoor tables with flowers in foreground overlooking North georgia landscape

People & Communities

If you’re new to the Blue Ridge Mountains, you’ll find much more than stunning landscapes and historic architecture within each North Georgia Town. With locals across the region famed for their friendly welcome, you can rest assured that you’ll discover your new community in no time at all.

Best places to live in the entire country

Communities throughout North Georgia are noted for their close-knit community, embracing newcomers as one of their own. If a picture paints a thousand words then the friendly faces of the residents speak volumes. So don’t worry—if hopping into unfamiliar territories has got you feeling uneasy, here it will only bring pleasant surprises! Here are some of True Ridge’s best cities to live in Georgia:

  • Blue Ridge
  • Alpharetta
  • Jasper
  • Talking Rock
  • Gainesville
  • Canton

Making your decision

Moving can be a stressful process, but being aware of the important information detailed above will provide you with confidence in making an informed decision. Keep in mind that visiting the area can provide you with firsthand knowledge about what it is like living in North Georgia. With some careful consideration, you can find the perfect place to call home and start enjoying all that North Georgia has to offer.

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